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word on braille...

"they promptly launched into one of the best emo sets i've ever seen.  songs like blessed are the dreamers, this love that's inside us, and jaded blared from the substantial speaker array and turned several blocks of downtown into a sound stage.  the young band is from orange county and displays a passion and song-writing ability far beyond their years."
 Skratch Magazine
Novermber 1998

"we really took pleasure their wonderful guitar chord walls they threw out; their wretched, been-wronged song lyrics; and their gentler prettier notes that made us feel all sad and sniffly, like emo boys want you to feel."
Rich Kane - O.C. Weekly
May 27th, 1999

"(their) interchanging guitar parts will give any (listener) chills."
                                   Sach Sabhlock- Meanstreet Magazine
march 2000

"Orange County's best kept secret, their consistently brilliant live shows are infused with wrenching purpose, draining the audience as they are sucked into a world of despair and yet, ultimately, redemption."

Dug- Skratch Magazine
February 2001